Aluminium foil recycling

Your Simple Gesture: Collect small bits of foil to recycle in bulk in your recycling bin
When we say “simple gesture” we really mean simple!

Instead of disposing of small pieces of aluminium foil you might come across, they can be bundled up into a larger ball the size of your palm (particularly while you are trying to move away from single use items in the kitchen!). This way, the foil becomes a 3D object, and will be processed the same way other aluminium cans are. This is important as aluminium is one of the highest valued recyclable items. Start by collecting foil in a small box under the kitchen sink until it’s ready to mould into a larger size ball, and you are good to go (just make sure to rinse any dirty foil beforehand).

This simple gesture will save small pieces of foil from ending up in landfill and instead continue their life cycle in a circular loop model!

Action steps:

1. Place a box near your other bins (or under the sink) where you will add the small pieces of foil

2. When you have small foil wrappers (from chocolate, food packaging etc.**) ensure its clean (or rinse it) and add it to the box

3. Gradually accumulate the foil until it collectively can be moulded into a ball the size of a tennis ball or your palm

4. Mould it tightly so it doesn’t come apart, and add it to your mixed recycling bin

5. Always look for opportunties to use more environmental alternatives to store your food, such as glass containers or reusable wraps!


**Note: Watch out for confusion between aluminium foil and plastic foil wrappers (eg. chip packets are soft plastic as they are minly made of plastic. You will know when it is aluminium foil as it fully scrunches in your hand, where as foil/plastic blends open back up again)

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