Cycling over driving

Your Simple Gesture: Swap driving for cycling where possible
Have you been waiting for a sign to start cycling instead of driving? This is it!

Motorised vehicles powered by gas and diesel contribute a huge amount of damaging chemicals to earth’s atmosphere, and therefore have a huge part to play in our day to day environmental footprint. Whenever possible, make a commitment to walk or ride instead of drive. You could start with just short rides on the weekends to cafes, parks and the like, and work up to a longer distance (this has also been made easier in recent months, with more bike lanes popping up to facilitate cyclists).

This will not only significantly reduce your carbon footprint, but also cut your fuel costs AND benefit your health!


Action steps:

1. You can source a relatively cheap bike on second-hand marketplaces, or if you are wanting something very specific, head to your local bike store

2. Once you have yourself a bike (or wiped the cobwebs off the one you already own) search the local paths in your area. These are often on council websites with detailed maps, or google maps has a ‘cycle’ option. This also shows you the trajectory of the route

3. Bring a friend or two along with you to make it social and to buffer if you are feeling nervous hopping on a bike again (particularly if you live in or near the city with more traffic)

4. Learn about the small common bike repairs through online videos and resources, so you are well prepared if anything needs tinkering or tweaking

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