Calculate the footprint of your wardrobe and fashion habits

Your Simple Gesture: Learn the impact of your fashion footprint
Are you ready to get to know your clothes a little better?

You may have heard that the fashion industry has a very large environmental footprint – everything from water usage, pollution, textile waste and more. Learning about where our clothes come from and how they are made is a super important step to improving this aspect of regenerating our homes. Especially as we live in these things day in, day out! To address this head on, online footprint calculators are a great place to start. They provide the information and stats about which of your habits or behaviours have the largest environmental impact. Cotton or linen, local or internationally made. All of these choices add up (particularly when it takes around 2,700 litres of water to make just one cotton t-shirt!)

Jump onto a fashion footprint calculator and dive deeper into the impact your clothing decisions have on the environment. 

Action steps:

1. Calculate using an Online footprint calculator

2. Save the results and write down the numbers so you can better understand and track your progress in the future

3. Now you have your results, you can think through how you shop, what you are buying, how you care for your clothes, where you are purchasing, and have the solid data and tools to reducing your fashion footprint

4. Education is a crucial part of this process. Utilising platforms such as Good On You will help you learn about more sustainable and ethical modes of fashion, and more sustainable materials. 

5. Commit to checking your footprint again 6-12month later to see where your next batch of results land.

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