Clothes racks to minimise use of clothes dryers

Your Simple Gesture: Commit to drying clothes on a clothes rack
It sounds simple, because it is!

Ditching the clothes dryer and opting for a clothes rack and metal pegs is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. Does it sound too simple to make a difference? We’re here to tell you it’s not! Particularly when clothes dryers are the third most energy intensive appliance in your home. It might take a short while longer to dry your clothes, but your pockets and the planet will be thanking you!

Action steps:

1. Get yourself a sturdy, foldable clothes rack (or source one second hand online) and a set of pegs (preferably metal)

2. Set it up outside or near a sunny window to ensure your clothes dry quickly

3. Once your washing cycle is complete, if it includes heavier fabrics, you can set it to a second spin cycle to drain out more of the moisture

4. Hang the clothes well spaced – this might sound obvious but will work a treat if you want them to dry quickly and to avoid the dryer!


Note: If you are someone who experiences allergies (such as dust mites) which require the use of a dryer to prevent, you can still do the above steps, but right at the end put the sheets in the dryer for 10 minutes just to heat them up.

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