Composting through ShareWaste or community gardens

Your Simple Gesture: Commit to composting through community apps and programs
It’s time to take the plunge and start composting your food scraps.

A huge volume of food waste is sent to landfill each year (a shocking one third of all food produced globally), and a lot of the time, it is full of things that have alternative uses other than finishing their life in landfill. The food that is sent to landfill emits methane gas, a harmful gas to the atmosphere. This is crazy considering there are so many other uses for ourn food scraps, including making compost! The composting app ShareWaste enables you to connect with someone in your area that has an established home compost bin, that you can then contribute to with your home organic waste. A fantastic way to repurpose some of your household waste AND connect with your community. 

This is a simple and fun solution for veg and organic scraps in a closed loop cycle! 


Action steps:

1. Start by registering on the ShareWaste app or contacting your local community garden (via your council website)

2. Place a small bucket (with an airtight lid) or small compost bin (from your local hardware store) on your kitchen bench, ready for you to start adding your veg scraps
– ensure it is covered well to avoid fruit flies 

3. Take to your community garden or share waste composting partner when full!


Note: Things you can put in a small scale home compost include coffee grounds, loose leaf tea, all vegetable and fruit scraps (go light on the onions and citrus!)
Things you should avoid putting in a small scale home compost include meat, fat, bones, dairy and leftovers with oils and dressings on them. 

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