DIY scrub and more sustainable exfoliator alternatives

Your Simple Gesture: Ditch bottled, chemical exfoliators to make your own or choose a more environmental alternative
Cleaning up our skincare routine can be a daunting task. Never fear –  for switching up your exfoliator, we have some easy, natural solutions! 

The habitual task of skin care presents a perfect waste reducing opportunity. Many of us have a cupboard full of products we’ve collected over the years, which may have you thinking ‘where do I start!’. We have a simple method for making the switch to more environmental options, without wasting what you have.

Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from your skin. Common products are often chemical, granular based, and others are more natural.

Traditionally, these mainstream beauty products have a  not only effect our skin, but also the water supplies we use to wash them off. Some are pumped full of ingredients and compounds we haven’t heard of before, and others are natural, minimal and much better for us in many ways. Choosing natural exfoliants such as a DIY coffee exfoliator (See Our Simple Gestures recipe below), reusable exfoliating gloves made from hemp or a more sustainable material (machine washable and durable), compostable loofahs, sand at the beach, or a good old washcloth are much more environmentally friendly in the short and long term, while also being economical shifts too! 

Action steps: 

DIY exfoliating scrub: 

1. Once you start to run out of your bottled exfoliant, collect and recycle the packaging through Terracycle beauty product recycling programs

2. Before you run out though, prepare for your environmental alternative. For your DIY coffee grounds exfoliator:

  • Heat 1 part coconut oil until just melted in a saucepan, then stir through 2 parts coffee grounds (using spoons or measuring cups are fine)
  • Ensure it is stirred well until combined into a paste
  • Store in a container or jar in the fridge (it should last 10-14 days) and use as you need. You may need a teaspoon when applying, as it will harden in the fridge. 

Other exfoliator alternatives: 

3. For reusable exfoliating gloves and washcloths made from sustainable materials, you can often purchase these online, at chemists, cosmetic stores or most health food stores. You can also find recycled material scrubbers, which are a great first preference. Check the label to ensure your alternative is sustainably and ethically sourced, and preferably locally made, and remember to keep an eye out for compostable loofahs that you can pop in your compost as well! 

Note: Exfoliating is an occasional part of a personal hygiene routine. Our skin naturally sheds dead cells in a 30 day cycle, so no need for over scrubbing – these small shifts will simplify and minimise your routine with immediate effect! 

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