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When it comes to reducing our environmental impact we believe knowledge is power!

OSG-Resources - outdoor

Home compost bin

Small scale home compost bins, worm farms and bokashi bins

OSG-Resources - outdoor

ShareWaste community composting

A platform that connects individuals who wants to donate their food scraps to ‘hosts’ with compost bins

OSG-Resources - outdoor

Gardening and planting guide

Gardenate gardening planting site helps you to grow and plan your produce, specific to your location and climate.

OSG-Resources - outdoor

Benefits of cycling

Outlining the specifics on how cycling can reduce your environmental footprint

OSG-Resources - outdoor

Community tool library

Inner West Tool Library for borrowing tools and specific household items

OSG-Resources - outdoor

Grow It Local

Platform and community of backyard, balcony and window sill farmers sharing produce, tips and knowledge on growing your own

OSG-Resources - outdoor

Waste Wood Workshop

Recycled timber workshop ideal for DIY projects, recycled materials and closed loop furniture

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