When it comes to reducing our environmental impact we believe knowledge is power!

That’s why we’ve created this resources page – a hub to fuel hungry minds. Here you’ll find more information from other great organisations to support you in making simple gestures in your home.

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our simple gestures for lounge and study

Ecological footprint calculator

To understand and track your overall carbon emissions

OSG-Resources - kitchen

Bottle, can and carton recycling

Return and Earn recycling for bottles, cans and cartons to earn a refund or make a donation

our simple gestures for lounge and study

2040 documentary, book and campaign

Presenting comprehensive climate solutions and a plan for the regeneration

OSG-Resources - bedroom

Ebay online marketplace

Online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand items

OSG-Resources - bathroom

Shampoo soap bars

Made with minimal ingredients, minimal packaging, great for your skin and the environment

OSG-Resources - kitchen

Soft plastic recycling

Through REDcycle, a recycling solution for soft plastic packaging

OSG-Resources - outdoor

Home compost bin

Small scale home compost bins, worm farms and bokashi bins

OSG-Resources - kitchen

Local fresh produce from an urban farm

Pocket City Farms urban farm for local produce and workshops

our simple gestures for lounge and study

The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis book

Outlines the need for determination and optimism as a way to face the climate crisis

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