Second hand gift giving

Your Simple Gesture: Source and prioritise second hand gift options
Ready to challenge the traditional gift giving assumptions with a simple, sustainable, convenient alternative?

The common approach to gift giving often feeds into the overconsumption, which is a huge contribution to global environmental issues and cause of pollution. A jump back to when there was no online shopping, and we find ourselves in a time where purchasing was a more considered action. With the uprise in online stores (and particularly consumer behaviour in the online environment during the events of 2020) as individuals, families and communities, we need to apply awareness to the products we buy and the frequency of which we purchase. Thankfully, buying new is not our only option, so slide over and let second hand gift-giving take a seat! This could be items which have already been created and in circulation, looking for you to sweep them up and send them to a new home. Check out online platforms such as Marketplace, Ebay, Gumtree and more, or smaller antique and vintage stores, which feature fantastic gift options, often much more affordable and quirky at the same time.

Actions steps:

1. Identify the gift you will source, possibly asking the gift recipient what they would like. This will avoid unnecessary waste and ensures they will get good use out of your gift!
2. If you are sourcing from an online marketplace, when you find your desired gift, make sure to consider the shipping / packaging side of things. Request a paper/resuable option if possible.
3. If you are sourcing from a store in person, head to an antique or second hand store. This could require some browsing, so take some friends along and make it a catch up at the same time!
4. You may already have your second hand gift tucked away in your home! Maybe a book you’ve already read that is in good condition, or perhaps a sports item you no longer use that a friend may get better use of.

Note: This approach may seem very different to common gift giving, but if you are feeling hesitant you could pair your gift with something new (yet still sustainable!) like a soap bar or resuable cup.

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