Second hand office equipment

Your Simple Gesture: Source second hand office equipment
There are simple gestures to be made in every room in your home, even your office.

Things like monitors, printers and paper might seem like small, insignificant contributions to your overall footprint, but considering the countless items we churn through each year, it all adds up. Commit to first looking for second hand office equipment, or sourcing more sustainably if needing to purchase new. This could be checking second-hand marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree and the like for monitors, keyboards, mouses and more. If purchasing new, look for devices that are made well and will last longer. Do some digging and see if the brand offers a recycling solution on their website!

See our Gesture on e waste for more information on how to safely recycle your electronic items.

Action steps:

1. When initially buying office equipment (second hand or new), look for the best quality option. This doesn’t always mean more expensive, but it is a good idea to read reviews, learn more about the brand and ensure you are investing in something that will work for you in the long term

2. Check the above marketplaces, neighbourhood apps such as Next Door or search in your browser for second-hand office equipment. You could snag a bargain while saving something valuable from landfill

3. If you have existing office equipment, think about repairing before replacing – perhaps a small fee could get the device working good as new!

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