Shampoo bars over bottled products

Your Simple Gesture: Ditch your shampoo and conditioner bottles for soap bars
When it comes to shampoo and conditioner bottles, we think one’s a crowd.

A staple on high rotation in most households, it’s easy to imagine going through 20+ shampoo and conditioner bottles a year. Whether they’re recyclable or not, it’s time to declutter your shower and swap the plastic bottles for a shampoo or conditioner soap bar. Boasting zero plastic and often packed full of natural ingredients, it’s an affordable and effective change you can make to reduce your waste, while nourishing your skin. And an added bonus- the bars often tailor to different needs – sensitive, oily or dry hair.

So, time to sud up with a soap bar and commit to making the switch next time you run on empty.


Action steps:

1. Start by sourcing a bar from your local chemist, scoop & weigh store or health food store, checking for minimal ingredients (eg. plant and essential oils) – Here is one we love

2. Find an appropriate soap dish (or small plate) to place the soap in your bathroom (with holes are ideal so it can dry)

3. You can start with separate shampoo and conditioner bars, or jump straight to a combined one 

4. If you have multiple bars (body and hair), you can use soap carriers or containers to store them separately (which are also great for when you travel!) or a larger dish that can hold a few soap bars

5. Ensure to check the ingredients are SLS and palm oil free!

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