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Your Simple Gesture: Commit to buying no more than one clothing item a month (if at all), and only second hand
It’s time to kiss fast fashion goodbye and make a commitment to sourcing second-hand clothes where possible.

Whether its op shops, vintage or online stores such as eBay and Marketplace, sourcing second-hand clothing can greatly reduce your impact. The added bonus is that you are sure to pick up some funky, unique items along the way! Make a commitment to buy no more than one clothing item a month, and if you’re up for a challenge, go cold turkey and aim not to purchase any clothing for a year! If you find you do need something, source it second hand. Due to Fast Fashion and overconsumption of clothing, a huge volume of clothing and textiles are sent to landfill every day. The fashion industry also has the second-largest footprint of all sectors globally.

Time to reduce these stats asap!

Action steps:

1. To make this shift easier (and remove temptation!), block access on your browser to online clothing stores. This can be done by searching for browser extensions (such as BlockSite) or desktop apps like Freedom

2. Check out online second-hand stores for clothes if you need to buy, such as Depop or Facebook marketplace 

3. Do some research about your local second-hand stores and check them out in person

4. Make it a social affair and take some friends along with you

5. Look to other activities instead of shopping – maybe a new yoga video on youtube, try your hand at pickling, or pick up a dusty old book you’ve been meaning to read


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